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The Young Soldier

The young soldier looked out over the deep blue water. His skin itched from the dry mud caked on his lean muscular frame. He knew the warnings about this lake, knew the story behind it. Any man or woman that were to step foot into the lake would be drug under by the sirens of the lake and drowned.

He weighed his choices as the sun beat down on him. There was not another water source around for many, many miles and it would take him days to reach it. He had enough water to sustain his thirst until then but he couldn't stand this mud. It was everywhere, in his eyes, his ears, every now and again he would get a mouthful. He was not a superstitious person. He wanted this mud off now and the water looked so cool. He would take his chances.

He quickly stripped down till he stood in nothing more than his skin and the mud that covered it. Despite his confidence that the legend of that lake was only that, a legend, he approached the lake hesitantly. He took a few steps in and waited, looking out over the water. The water remain smooth, not a sign of life anywhere. Congratulating himself on his logical thinking, he dove in.

The water stroked him, clearing all the mud from his body. He emerged from the cool water with a content sigh, feeling better than he had for months. He floated on his back planning out the rest of the day. He would wash his clothing and cleanup his gear the best that he could. He would spend the day here and set off at first light tomorrow.

He heard a light splashing sound that caused him to jerk to an upright position. Trending water, he looked around trying to figure out the source of the noise. Once again, the water was still as if he was the only living creature around. Must have just been a fish, he decided. He was about to resume his floating position when he felt a quivering in the water. Suddenly three maidens emerged from the water surrounding him. They were giggling as they slowly began swimming in a circle around him. They were each very beautiful with sweet voices to match. He continued to trend water as they swam faster and faster. Too late, he realized that these were indeed the sirens of the lake and they where creating a whirlpool under him.

The red headed siren apparently had a change of heart. She yanked him out of the whirlpool just as he was about to disappear under the water. She spun him around pressing her firm breasts into his back.

"Look" she said to the blond and brunette sirens. "He is young and virile."

The blonde sirens lips curled into am smile. "Indeed, he is." The brunette grinned and nodded.

The red headed siren begun pulling the soldier towards the shore. Once they were innthigh high water she stopped.

"We are going to give you an opportunity to earn your release. You must please us and we will please you. If you are up to our satisfaction, then we shall release you. However, if you are not then we shall pull you into the depths of the lake. Understand?"

The soldier could only nod. The red head pulled his body close to hers, gently running her fingertips up his cheek. "I have a feeling you won't disappoint." With that she pulled his lips to hers.

The other sirens approached him from behind, each placing a hand on his firm ass. The redhead's small, sweet tongue pushed past his lips to tangle with his. He involuntarily groaned as his cock went hard. Then redhead chuckled into his mouth feeling his erection against her belly. As he returned her kiss he could feel the other sirens running their tongues down his neck, their hands tracing little patterns on his lower back.

The redhead broke the kiss. "For you to properly please us we need to move closer to shore. We cannot leave the water. If you try to leave us before we release you we will drag you to your death." she warned.

He nodded and they made their way closer to shore. When the water was at knee level the foursome sunk down on to the sandy bottom. The redhead pushed him on to his back and took his enlarged member in her hand. She smiled at its length and girth. She slowly pumped his cock as the blond leaned over to kiss him. The brunette, not to be outdone, took a hold of his hand and slowly started sucking on his index finger. The blond broke off the kiss and flicked her speedy little tongue over his nipple. He gasped aloud and shuddered as he struggled to control his body.

"Please...oh...I'm going to cum if you....don't stop." He gasped out.

"But that's what we want." Said the brunette removing her mouth from his finger. "You cum, then you will last longer. With your youth, it shouldn't take you long to recover and be ready to please us. So we start off by pleasing you." With that she dipped her head to softly lap at his palm.

The redhead pumped his cock faster and faster, her other hand dropping down to cup his balls. The blond's hot little tongue was raking over his nipple with lightening speed. He let go. His body thrust upward as he began unloading in the water. His hips pumped in time with his spurting cock as he grunted with every shot. Once his climax ended, his body relaxed into the water.

The three sirens withdrew from his body. They grinned at each other.

"He should do well." Said the blond softly.

"We shall see." Said the redhead.

"No better time than the present to find out." Said the brunette eagerly.

Fear caused butterflies to flutter in his stomach. There was no way he would be able to perform so soon, he thought to himself. But much to his surprise as soon as they started touching him, his cock rose to the challenge.

"Oh lookie here." Said the brunette feeling him under the water. "Looks like he is ready for action!" She quickly straddled his waist positioning herself so the tip of his cock pressed right against her opening. The she dropped her weight down, her pussy engulfing his hard cock to the hilt.

He sucked in a wild breath at the feel. His cock felt incased by warm, soft velvet, like nothing he had ever felt before.

The blond grinned down at his reaction. "Hey, she doesn't get to have all the fun! Is this face taken?" She asked before swinging a leg over his head and straddling his face.

The redhead not to be left out straddled his waist, her hot little pussy laying on his tight stomach.

He braced his hands on the sandy bottom and plunged his tongue between the blond's lips, his tongue intent on finding her clit. The blond squealed in delight. He looked up at the sound to see the redheads arms come around the blond, her hands busy squeezing the blond's perk nipples, her mouth buried in the blond's neck.

The brunette started riding him, slowly at first. The redhead scrapped her puffy pussylips and clit against his stomach. He soon realized that the three sirens were moving together riding him. Their moans were music to his ears. He speared his tongue into the blond's hole, tongue fucking her at the same pace the brunette was fucking him. The blond was bouncing on his face, moaning and panting, obviously heading quickly towards climax. To help her along he carefully scraped his teeth against her clit on each downward bounce. This pushed her over the edge. She grabbed a handful of his hair and humped his face as her juices soaked him. Her body strained forward as her pussy throbbed with the power of her climax. She collapsed over his head, her climax coming to an end. Very slowly, weakened by her climax she climbed off his face and sat down in the water to watch her friends having their way with him.

The redhead quickly took the blond's place, her body titled slightly so her enlarged clit was offered to him. He eagerly sucked it into his mouth, his tongue going to work immediately. He sucked hard on it, his tongue rubbing back and forth across it as fast as he could.

The blond, more recovered now approached the threesome. She leaned over and lapped at her redheaded friend's nipple, then took it into her mouth while massaging the other breast with her hand. The redhead arched grinding down on his face, panting.

Meanwhile, the brunette increased her movements and started squeezing him with her wet velvety pussy. He groaned into the redheads pussy, the feeling of the brunette's hot cunt driving him wild.

The redhead's body went stiff, no sound emerged from her lips as her orgasm exploded. His face was drenched with her wetness as she remained perfectly still as waves as pleasure washed over her. Suddenly her body sagged and she let out a steady groan as her climax ended. The blond helped her off his face and placed her gently in the water.

"Good, isn't he?" The blond asked the redhead.

The redhead just nodded with a small smile of her face, her face flushed.

The brunette stopped her movements. "Anyone wan to take a seat? I want to try that tongue!" She said sliding off his cock and up his body.

"Oh, me, me!" Said the blond quickly hopping on him, taking his cock inside her.

He grunted at the new pussy on his cock. Her pussy felt like it was sucking him, trying to pull all of him inside her. He thrust himself upward trying to oblige her hungry pussy.

As the brunette settled herself on his face, he lapped at her pussy lips in long strokes. The brunette moaned looking down at him and squeezing her breasts in time with his licks. The brunette's face suddenly disappeared as the blond grasped her by the hair and drew her back for a passionate kiss. As they kissed both sirens movements became more frantic, both racing headlong toward orgasm. Both were moaning and grunting. He could feel the blond's hot pussy throbbing around his cock as she came. The brunette was now fucking his face for all she was worth as her orgasm crashed down on her. Both sirens slow their actions as they drifted back down to earth, still gently kissing each other, moaning softly into each others mouths. Wrapping their arms around each other they fell together off his body and into the water. They snuggled together in the water and turned their attention back to him.

The redhead walked over to him but instead of straddling him facing him, she faced away from him. She leaned over slightly and lined the tip of his cock against her asshole. "Oh my...." He said somewhere between a whisper and a groan. She looked over her shoulder at him and gave him a grin as she dropped her weight onto him. His arms and legs buckled as her asshole twitched and throbbed around his cock, trying to take in his large size. She grunted with a mix of pleasure and pain, her ass stretched more than it ever had been before. She placed her hands on his now outstretched legs, his body mostly flush with the bottom and began to rock back on his cock. At that point he lost what small hold he had on control. His hand gripped her hips as he thrust up into her and back out. Not satisfied with the depth he was reaching, he pushed her forward until she was on all fours. Grabbing her shoulders he pounded in and out of her ass as hard as he could. He groaned loudly and thrust forward hard as his hot cream started coating the inside of her ass. He slammed into her with every spurt, shouting "Yes!" over and over, until the last of his cream was gone. Still he rocked back and forth enjoying the feel of her tight little asshole. Soon his softness slipped from her backdoor. She flipped on her back and he could tell by her flushed face she was fully satisfied.

A short time later when they all had recovered, each one of the sirens came and gave him a sweet kiss. The redhead took his face in her hands. "So you are the first to pass our test. If you promise to come back and visit us, often that is, then you are free to go. You may clean whatever you need to and be on your way. You mustn't ever tell anyone of what happened here. If you do, you will fall down dead. As you will if you do not return within a year to visit us and please us again. Understand that you are the only one we have ever released."

He smiled and said. "I understand and you can count on many visit from me. This I swear. Many, many visits." He chuckled.

"Then it will be so." Said the redhead and the three sirens sunk back into the water.

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For this weekend only!

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The Princess and the Dragon

The Princess wondered around the ruins of the castle in a daze. Her family and people were gone. She was completely alone. What had happened here? She thought in a panic. What was she going to do? She had spent her life being taken care of but now there was no one here to take care of her. She awoke to a disaster. The castle was destroyed, rubble that used to be walls was littered every where and she could clearly see outside through the walls that were left. Smoke hung in the air. Not a single living thing appeared to her. Not a mouse, not a dog, nothing.

Just then a flapping noise drew the Princess' attention to above. She gasped as she saw a great dragon circling above the castle. It's large eyes focused on her as it let a fireball fly from its mouth. The fireball flew above the castle, not meant for the Princess, just meant to show her it's power.

The Princess began to run aimlessly through the castle, trying to get away from the dragon but it seemed there was no where to hide. It's large, dark eyes followed her every moment. It landed in front of the castle, then disappeared.

The Princess gapped wondering where it could have gone. Finally the sound of footsteps broke through her thoughts. As they came closer and closer the Princess' good sense kicked in and she whirled to run. Too late. A hand snaked out and caught her by her long blond hair. She was roughly yanked backwards into a muscular leather covered chest. The wind was knocked out of her as she struggled to regain her balance.

"Hello, Princess." a voice breathed into her ear. She shivered at the warm breath. She found herself in an iron grip, unable to turn around and see the face of her attacker.

"What do you want?" she stammered out.

Her attacker's body shook as he laughed. "What I intend to have, dear Princess." With that he spun her and threw her over his shoulder so fast that she was unable to get a look at him. She struggled to try to get free but her flowing gown hampered her movements.

Her capture took large strides towards the only area undamaged, the dungeon. Once the Princess realized where he was heading she struggled even hard to get away, but it was useless. He chuckled at her measly attempts to escape as he headed down the steps.

Once at the bottom of the steps he walked quickly to a wall that contained shackles. Before the Princess could blink she was on her feet with her arms and legs shackled to the wall. Only then did she finally get a look at him.

He was not unhandsome with chiseled features, strong jaw line, dark hair and flashing dark eyes. Eyes...the Princess gasped. She was staring into the eyes of the dragon!

"Your, your the dragon!" she shrieked.

"Yes, I am." He replied in a gruff voice.

"Why did you do this? Where are my people?" She asked not fully comprehending her situation.

"As to why, that's simple. To get what I want. Where are your people? I think you should probably be more concerned about yourself right now." And with that he ripped her dress from her body.

Because she had been sleeping she had no undergarments on. She now stood before him completely naked with no way to shield her body.

He stood back to admire her. His eyes raked over her heaving breasts both tipped with dusky nipples, down to her slim waist, following the curves along her full hips. His eyes came to rest on the mass of blond curls between her legs. He slipped an eager finger into that mass stroking her lips and clit. Her mouth dropped in shock at what he was doing but soon she became aware of the sensation he was creating with his finger. A quite moan escaped her lips as juice flooded her pussy. She began to pant as the sensation spread throughout her body. He gave her a lopsided grin, then pushed his finger back towards her hole. He entered but stopped short blocked by her maidenhead. The Princess let out a cry of pain at the feeling.

He withdrew his finger, then licked it off. "Pure. Just the way I like my helpless maidens." With that he dropped to his knees and buried his face between her legs. He spread her lips wide and surrounded her clit with his mouth. The Princess threw back her head and cried out as his tongue brushed over her clit. His tongue moved faster and faster. Her body tensed up, her hands gripped the chains of the shackles as her legs trembled. Her orgasm slammed into her with such force all she could do was scream from the pleasure. Her screams of pleasure turned to a scream of pain as her capture quickly climbed to his feet and slammed his large cock into her virgin pussy easily breaking through her maidenhead. She squirmed trying to get away.

"Just hold still, Princess. The pain will stop in a moment. But the more you move the more it will hurt. Just relax."

Taking a deep breath, she did as he said. Soon the pain vanished. He slowly moved inside her, allowing her to get used to his size. She shuddered as pleasure spread once again through her body. Her grabbed her hips and withdrew his cock until just the tip remained. Then he slid forward watching as her hungry pussy ate up his cock. He groaned at the tightness of her never before touched pussy. She gripped him like a velvet glove. He moved faster and faster. The Princess moaned with each stroke, thrusting her hips towards him in an attempt to take more of him inside her.

With a growl he yanked all the shackles from the wall. He turned and tossed the Princess to the floor, falling quickly on top of her. Her grabbed a hold of her ass cheeks and plundered her willing body. He slammed forward to the hilt, his balls slapping hard against her wiggling ass. The Princess moan and groaned while raking his back with her now free hands. She urged him to go faster as her climax was close at hand. She arched her body as her climax exploded. Her pussy grabbed and pulled at his cock. His fingers bit into the tender flesh of her hips as he slammed into her. He groaned loudly as she throbbed around him. His cock erupted deep within her pussy, coating her insides with his thick white cream.......

The Princess awoke with a start in a bed soaked with her juices. Her eyes wide she looked around a bit disoriented.

"Good morning, Princess. Shall I get your breakfast? " her handmaiden asked from the corner of the room.

"Yes, that would be fine. Thank you."

Her handmaiden quickly scrambled from the room. The Princess climbed out of her large bed and made her way to the window. She propped her chin up on her hand and stared wistfully out of it wondering if and when her dragon would come.......


So the blog has a new look and feel. Also I added some pages for your reading pleasure. Soon I will be adding an about me page so you can get to know me as well as info on the characters that are taking shape in Bliss! Fables For Adults Volume Two.

Some great things are coming including but not limited to giveaways, author interviews, some hot short stories by me and more. Stick around, it's gonna get hot in here!


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So after a very long unplanned hiatus I am back and planning an overhaul of this blog. I'm just not feeling the design which is making it difficult for me to post. This whole pink things is really just not me. Anyway in other news I have been happily working on volume two of Bliss! Fables For Adult. This book will be a but different. First of all, it will be larger than the last volume. It will have three new stories and the follows up to the stories in the first volume. Next, none of these stories will end with a "to be conintued" ( yes that was a bad idea on my part). Lastly this book will be subtitled A Walk On The Wildside and I promise it will be. To give you a small example The Evil Queen from Snow White has an interesting meeting with The Seven Dwarfs and that is only the begining! Hope this post finds everyone well! Tell next time. Xxoo -Eva

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Erotica Vs. Smutica?

Ok, so I will admit it. I don't *really* consider myself an erotic writer, though you will see me identify myself as such from time to time. Why? Well to be honest my view of erotica is more flowery, sensual with sex involved. A bit more hardcore than romance but not the back alley, drop you panties to your ankles and bend over kind of stuff I feel that I write.

Now make no mistake, my stories all have plots, the characters all have personalities, lives so to speak, etc, etc. However I try my hardest to avoid less than trashy terms. Please understand, I LOVE erotica and have read lots and lots of wonderful works. But for writing for me, I enjoy getting very down and dirty. I guess I just like the whole forbidden aspect of it, the naughtiness I suppose.

Now, possibly my definition of erotica is wrong or erotica maybe an umbrella term that covers anything that is naughty, sensual, smutty, trashy, etc. So for my own satisfaction, so there is no mistake about what I write I prefer to say that I write smutica. Silly I know but I think that way there is no mistaking what people are going to come across when they read my work. Very smutty, lots of "dirty" words, etc, etc. It's how I roll. It's how I like to write. Maybe someday I will try my hand (ha!) at something more sensual, but for now I am good taking my characters to the smut world!


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Sample of

Here is a sample of the first story in my new e-book! It should be available for download soon! Please keep checking my blog for updates. The first week my e-book is listed I will add a code here on my blog so you, my faithful friends can receive the book for free! Anyway, please enjoy this little sample!!

The Twelve Horny Princesses

Once a long time ago lived a king with twelve beautiful daughters. Things were lovely in the land until his daughters came of age. Then something very peculiar started happening. Every morning upon arising the princesses handmaidens would inform the king that the princesses panties had  gone missing sometime in the night. The king was outraged. What could be causing such a terrible thing? A angry witch, a wizard with a sick sense of humor, a fraternity of really sneaky elves holding a nighty panty raid? The king questioned his daughters but they deny knowing that had made their panties disappear .  The king desperate to get to the bottom of it announced that anyone who could figure out what was going on could choose one of his daughters to marry and would become heir to the throne. However if they could not figure it out within three days, they would be sent to the dungeon for life. Despite the fact that the dungeon was controlled by an ugly, mean female troll with a twisted view of pleasure and a horrid sense of humor, many men volunteered to try to get to the bottom of the missing panties. Every single one of the men failed.


One day a man named Linden,  returning from war was making his way home through the forest near the castle. As he was walking an old peasant woman stepped in front of him.

"You are the chosen one!" she said her gnarled finger pointing at him.

He looked all around him before it dawned on him that she was speaking to him.

"I am chosen for what, Grandmother?" he asked, addressing her with a term of respect.

"Many have tried and all have failed. I have been searching the countryside over for the one who can get to the bottom of what is going on. You are the one." She explained to the man what had been going on in his absence then she presented him with a fine looking cloak.

"This cloak will make you invisible. Wear it to discover what those princesses are up to. Also when they offer you a drink of wine before bedtime you must accept it but you must not ingest it. The princesses have been drugging all those before you so they will fall into a deep sleep and not be aware of their activities. Now go and present yourself to the king!" And with that the old woman disappeared into the forest.

On the off chance that the old woman was really an escaped dementia patient Linden decided to try the cloak out before he did anything rash, like presented himself to the King and possibly ended up in the dungeon for the rest of his life with that troll. As he approached the village he donned on the cloak. He approached a vendor selling apples. He grabbed an apple and began tossing it the air, back and forth between his hands. He watched the seller glance curiously in his directions. Then the look of curiosity quickly turned to horror.

"Ghost!" screamed the man, jumping up from his seat and running off.

Well, guess that works thought Linden. So off he went to the castle to present himself to the King while munching happily on an apple.


The King greeted Linden eagerly as the supply of fresh brave young men had run dry. For many months no one had stepped forward to accept the challenge.  He quickly arranged a sleeping area within the princesses chambers and left hoping that this young man would be the one that would figure it out. After all he was really running out of room in dungeon, but the troll was very happy!

Each princess curtsey deeply, giggled behind their hands and introduced themselves to Linden. There was Cassandra the eldest ,Sadie, Genevieve , Isabella, Leah, Letitia, Lydia, Natalie, Phoebe, Samantha, Savannah, Rowan, and Rebecca the youngest. As they all began to prepare for bed, Linden noticed that each princess was taking a goblet of wine to all the handmaidens and guards in the room. Cassandra approached him with a goblet.
"It is our tradition to all share a goblet of wine before bed. It helps all of us relax. We are all so worried about what is happening to our um, unmentionables." Her green eyes were wide and innocence as some of her sisters tittered behind their hands. Linded ignored the other girls and accepted the goblet of wine from Cassandra.
"Thank you. That is very kind of you." And with that Linden drain the glass in one gulp. He handed it back to her and bid her goodnight. Cassandra satisfied that he had consume every single drop, returned to her bedside and prepared to sleep.
What Cassandra and her sisters didn't know was that Linden has hidden a small sponge in the collar of his shirt. When he appeared to be drinking he was actually allowing the wine to spill down his chin and neck and into the sponge. Not one drop had passed down his throat. With a private smile of his own, Linden laid down.  Under hooded eyes Linden watched as one by one the handmaidens and guards rapidly passed out. Realizing that he was being watched by some of the princesses his breathing became slow and steady, mocking the breathing of those who had passed out from the drugged wine. A few minutes later Cassandra sat up in her bed.

"Coast is clear ladies! Let's get ready to party!" Before the sentence was completely out of her mouth there was a flurry of activity as each princess sprang from her bed.

Keeping his breathing steady Linden watched the activity in the room as best he could. The princesses were changing out of their nightgowns and into rather suggestive outfits of all types.  Once all the princesses were dressed Cassandra yanks back part of the carpet that reveals a trapdoor in the floor. She opened the trapdoor to  stairwell and one by one the princesses disappear into the  hole in the floor. Once Linden was sure that they are gone he leapt out of bed, donned on his cloak and followed them down the hole. He quickly caught up with the sisters at the bottom of the steps. It was very dark and Linden was having a bit of trouble seeing. He accidentally stepped on the back of Rebecca's heal.

"Ouch!" She shrieked. "What was that?!"

"Oh Beca, stop it! You are always such a drama queen. What do you think happened this time?" Cassandra said not bothering to hide the inpatients in her voice.

"It felt like someone stepped on the back of my heal!" She replied angrily.

"Well, there is no one behind you so who do you think could have stepped on you? I am sure you just got hit with a rock that got kicked up or something. Stop being so paranoid!" With that Cassandra turned back around and began leading the pack down through a long tunnel. Linden silently berated himself to be more careful, lest he be caught.


The tunnel spilled out to a beautiful under ground lake. At the shore of the lake there were twelve little boats, each with a prince in them. Upon the arrival of the princesses the princes quickly leapt from their boats and led a princess to the boats. After helping them in, each one by one leapt back into their boats and began rowing across the lake. Linden realized if he didn't move quickly he would be left behind. As quickly and as quietly as possible, Linden climbed on board the boat that was carrying Rebecca.  The prince rowing her boat struggled under the added weight but tried not to let it show. As they neared the  shore Linden could make out a silhouette of a castle. Each one of the couples disembarked and disappeared into the castle once their boats had landed.  Linden hung back as Rebecca and her prince stepped out of the boat and walked up to the castle. Once they were inside, he hopped off the boat and followed.  As he approached the door he could hear what sounded like a great deal of moaning and groaning going on inside. He hesitated at the door for fear that maybe he was walking into an infirmary or something. He really didn't want to catch anything but at the same time he did not want to spend the rest of his life in the dungeon with that troll. Shuddering at the thought he pushed open the door.

What greeted him was not something that he was expecting at all. All throughout the large ballroom there were naked or partially naked bodies engaged in various sex acts. The princesses had been attending an orgy every night! Everywhere his eyes lit, there were bodies writhing in passion and lust. He saw the princesses and princes he followed but he also saw other females and males that he had not seen before.  There were twosome, threesomes, foursomes, and moresomes everywhere he looked........

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